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Edgar Wright Talks The World's End, the Possibility of Making a Star Wars Film, Ant-Man, and More


The guest of honor at this weekend’s MCM London Comic-Con was filmmaker Edgar Wright, in town to talk about his new film The World’s End. Closing off his unofficial ‘Blood and Ice Cream’ trilogy that began with Shaun of the Dead and continued with Hot Fuzz, The World’s End tells the story of a group of friends determined to recreate a failed pub crawl from their teenage years. Of course, there is more to the adventure than meets the eye, as the locals are just a little unfriendly, leading the heroes on a rather more dangerous quest than they expected.

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StarWarsFan1871d ago

Possibility of making a Star Wars film? That just stood out for me. I don't remember that being option. I don't see it happening though, do you?