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Spidey Teases The Rhino In Vague Description of Scene From The Amazing Spider-Man 2


In addition to more photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set, a brief description of scene filmed today involves Peter Parker and what appears to be The Rhino.

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Crazay1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )


Anyone else's Spidey Sense tingling with fear right now? When I first saw the "Pre-CGI" I thought, hmmm...looks like it has an awful lot of hard edges to be a "Rhino" that reports that say SPidey made some sort of reference to him being mechanical, I'm rather concerned about how this is going to play out.

Kingdom Come1876d ago

He was mechanised in the "Ultimate Universe"...

Crazay1876d ago


This makes me super sad then...

Hergula1875d ago

It will still be made with CGI though, so don´t worry. The Rhino suit, would be impossible to build for on-screen purposes, so the CGI will still make it look good.

C4BL31876d ago

I was out when I heard Jammie Foxx was going to be in it

coolbeans1876d ago

Why would a good actor drop your interest in the film?

Crazay1876d ago

I can't stand the man either. Just am not a fan of anything he's done. Sometimes it happens.

C4BL31875d ago

He runs his mouth too much for me. Can't stand most hypocrites in Hollywierd.

Hergula1875d ago

Trust me when I say this, Jamie Foxx being in the Spidey film, will only help the franchise and the film.

coolbeans1875d ago mean the whole gun speech thing? Okay, I can respect your annoyance with him.

aDDicteD1876d ago

The mechanized version of him.. well i'd prefer the original look but I guess will have to wait and see how it looks like.

Hergula1875d ago

Even if it is mechanized, who is know how the CGI will make it look? we will just have to wait and see.

RetrospectRealm1876d ago

Damn. I know it's a mocap suit but it looks super stupid.

StarWarsFan1873d ago

Isn't there video of this 'description' already out there?