Tons Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 New Set Photos; Pre-CG 'Rhino' Revealed?


A heap of new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set have found their way online, with a couple possibly revealing a pre-CGI look at what appears to be Paul Giamatti's Rhino.

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Crazay1730d ago

Am so worried about how they end up portraying Rhino on screen now.

Hergula1729d ago

Don´t be, The Lizard from the first film was very well portrayed, so I doubt The Rhino will come off bad.

cell9891730d ago

its just a mo-cap suit, not the final CGI version, Im glad they went for the BIG version and now a scrawny Rhino.

Crazay1730d ago

Sure it's the mo cap suit but you't think it would have fewer hard edges and he wouldn't be called "mechanized" as reported from the set.

cell9891726d ago

thats the scary part :(

RetrospectRealm1730d ago

Link doesn't work anymore, but what kind of mocap suit is that?

Crazay1730d ago

Looks like a Mech. If the costume looks like a mech, i'm going to hate this movie.

just-joe1730d ago

So like Ultimate Spider-man.

Agent_00_Revan1730d ago

Looking forward to Rhino. But not sure how I feel on Giamatti in the role though.

Hergula1729d ago

People are reacting in a weird way to this, it seems as if people don´t know that Rhino has been mechanized in certain series/books.

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