Two More (Low-Res) Man Of Steel TV Spots; "We're Scared Of You..."

We were lucky enough to see SIX new Man of Steel TV spots yesterday, and now two more have found their way online. Featuring plenty of action-packed new footage and unheard dialogue, be sure to hit the jump to check them out!

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Sandmano1883d ago

Zod is great but I cant wait to see Doomsday.

DarkBlood1882d ago

maybe an epic after credit scene of a fist punching out of the ground, reason for this would being the amount of force damage on earth from zod's invasion caused whatever contain doomsday to break or awaken him

thats just one fanboy dream here :P lol

Sandmano1881d ago

haha yeah that sounds good. Doomsday is the Joker of the Superman Universe I think it would be a good idea to have him in the third movie.

StarWarsFan1877d ago

With so much material out there, should we really be bothering with low-res images being posted here?