RoboCop (2014) Screenplay Review

After reading the script to RoboCop (2014) today, which should last 130 minutes or so, it's clear now why this movie was delayed untill February 2014. The production stills that have people talking should be the least of their worries. This film is so sanitised and devoid of character, its unreal. But first, the one thing it has over the original...

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jordan84451881d ago

Yeah, the Brazillian director called the shooting of this movie 'Hell'. February is the month used for projects expected to bomb, this thing didn't want no part of Man of Steel.

wishingW3L1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

José Padilha is a high caliber director, in fact too good for this and one of he best of recent years, so if this movie fails I blame it all on the script!

RyuX191881d ago

This movie sounds God Awful. No Kills? What the hell?

ironfist921881d ago

Why was this film even made, or allowed to continue if its going to bomb?

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The story is too old to be commented.