Fast and Furious 6: A Franchise That Never Fails

By the time a franchise has reached its sixth instalment, you welcome it like an old friend and if it delivers on its brand promise, you are quite happy. When it came out in 2001, no one could have imagined a story of street car racing would have this kind of staying power. But the Fast and Furious franchise has stayed and the end of 6 leaves an opening for a sequel.

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Sandmano1248d ago

The movies are always entertaining.

vanethe1245d ago

sure they are , but fast 6 was beyond ridiculous ..

ABizzel11245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

5 and 6 were "beyond ridiculous".

Although I found 6 more entertaining.

TwistedMetal1245d ago

5 had better action moments. 5 with the rock crew dying and the vault was better then the airplane thing and the tank.

KingPin1245d ago

but thats the thing with these movies. the over-the-top action is what makes it entertaining to watch along with the story and characters and to see what direction they going with it.

nix1245d ago

3 and 4 was crap. i didn't even watch it.

Sandmano1245d ago

Lool I don't even know which ones 3 and 4 are I lost count xD

coolbeans1245d ago

It gets even more confusing when considering the 3rd one is actually the last one (currently) in their "canon."

wishingW3L1245d ago

to me the crap ones were 2 and 4. 3 was Tokyo Drift and I liked that one but my favs are 1 and 5.

TwistedMetal1245d ago

tokyo drit was awesome and a good change of pace it revitalized fast and furious so they could make more of them. 1,3,5 for the win then 6 was ok. the other 2 were the worst where no one remebers anything about them really. people will always remeber lots of stuff and big moments in 1,3,5,6, because those are the best ones and most memorble. i thought that tokyo drift dude was cool especially in the first race dude drives through the house. you cant tell me that didnt pump you up then in tokyo tons of the fresh tokyo style cloths and japanese music. i liked the race in the streets also where the dudes car flipped over and was on fire.

MidnytRain1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

For a moment, I thought the title read, "Fast and Furious 6: A Franchise That Never Ends."

KwietStorm1245d ago

Tokyo Drift was depressing.

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