Video: Watch The Mind-Blowing Comparison of The Walking Dead & Toy Story

Remember the image comparison of Pixar’s animated Toy Story and AMC’s zombie killfest The Walking Dead FOLLOW ? Check out the ingenious video creator John Wary has made:

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Sandmano1465d ago

LOL its crazy how similar they are.

MastaMold1465d ago

This comparison is great

Sandmano1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Yes the points actually make sense and the way they edited the video is hilarious.

aDDicteD1465d ago

Very nice video, there was an article about this comparison a month ago, but it's fun to watch it on video. There was also a missed similarity and that is both woody and rick lost their love interest on the third installment, lori died on season 3 and bo peep was already donated before part 3.

Sandmano1465d ago

haah yeah but theres already so much in common it doesnt matter.

coolbeans1464d ago

Woody and Bullseye photo-shopped in that Walking Dead poster was priceless.

StarWarsFan1458d ago

The comparisons are pretty fun to watch and recognize.