Joss Whedon Explains ‘Scarlet Witch’ & ‘Quicksilver’ Interest For The Avengers Sequel

Indicating that the super twins are still included, despite Quicksilver joining another Marvel franchise, The Avengers 2 writer-director Joss Whedon explains why he chose the speedster & Scarlet Witch.

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Sandmano1879d ago

I agree that they needed more heroes with super powers and these characters are perfect.

aDDicteD1878d ago

I do agree about that thought of Whedon bringing something new to the avengers 2. His vision is always excellent and that shows that future avengers films will remain spectacular as long as it is directed by him.

Sandmano1878d ago

loved the first one so I have no doubt this will be great.

aDDicteD1878d ago

Well between Singer and Whedon I do think that Whedon will very much deliver quicksilver's character in the big screen because quicksilver's role on days of the futute past was stated to only be small, i think. It is a bit ironic cause Joss whedon wont be able to give some good back story for this characters because the movie can't mention them being mutant, being son's of magneto as well as they wont be even referred to their name quicksilver and scarlet witch and those reasons takes away some of the elements of those two characters.

ironfist921877d ago

Isnt Quicksilver a Mutant though? Ive never known him to be an avenger, and even if he was, isnt he more connected to the XMen franchise?

I mean, thats like saying Spider-Man is a mutant, and should go and be part of the X-Men...or War Machine being part of the Fantastic Four

StarWarsFan1872d ago

I'm happy to see unique characters coming our way.