Is There Going To Be a Death In Captain America 2?

CBM: Newly confirmed location information has Captain America: The Winter Soldier setting up to film at an east side Cleveland cemetery. What might this mean? More details after the jump...

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RetrospectRealm1550d ago

I don't expect anyone real major to die. Maybe someone we're kind of like "Oh no..." but not really anything too major.

DarkBlood1550d ago

even so they can't off important characters that would drain thier moneypool for avengers 2 box office hit

RetrospectRealm1549d ago

That's why I said I don't expect anyone major to die...

aDDicteD1549d ago

I think he is just visiting someone's grave. I dont think It's a major character as well.

TwistedMetal1548d ago

if you know how old captain america is age wise then you will understand why he is at a cemetery. tons of the people who knew are no longer alive and died of old age. hes probably still crying over that one girl he liked.

StarWarsFan1542d ago

Well, I think it's safe to say Captain America won't be the one to die. Besides, no one from the first movie is in here, so everyone technically died in the first movie.