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Spoilery Early Review Of Man Of Steel - AintItCool

AIC: I got a review here by "Super Christian Porn" who caught MAN OF STEEL 3 weeks early in Queenstown, Australia. While this isn't a super-detailed review, we can confirm that there was indeed a small, 180 person 2D screening in Movie World at 7:30 tonight in that city, and he's specific enough about what he saw that it seems 100% legit. It would seem like Snyder's affection for long-takes and clearly-defined action has benefited the world of Superman, as does Hans Zimmer's already-heralded score. Readers beware…he goes into some SUPER SPOILER territory, laying out stuff that happens in what is almost certainly the final reels of the film. I don't think it's anything so revealing that it's gonna ruin your experience, but if you purists wanna go in totally fresh, absolutely steer clear. That being said, the movie sounds awesome, and a little more thematically complex than what I was expecting.

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RetrospectRealm1823d ago

Glad to hear it was good. I can't wait.