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Godzilla Returns! Abandoned Japanese Fishing Village Devastated By Beast Is Recreated For Movie

CBM: He's not set to stomp onto our screens until 2014, but Godzilla already appears to be making his mark.
These eerie images capture an abandoned Japanese fishing village, recreated in Steveston, Canada, for filming of the remake of the 1954 classic.

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RetrospectRealm1883d ago

This is cool. I have a feeling this remake will be pretty good. Or at least I'm hoping it will.

Hergula1883d ago

Same here, yet it does sound and look promising.

aDDicteD1880d ago

im excited seeing more pics in this project hopefully they show us what godzilla will look like in the following months. the devastation left by the monster were good shots.

StarWarsFan1875d ago

It's amazing the sets Hollywood can make.