Evan Peters To Play ‘QuickSilver’ In ... X-Men: Days of Future Past


Well, this is a surprise! It seems that Fox studios has got the jump on Marvel Studios in bringing Quicksilver to the big-screen by way of Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past, played by Evan Peters!

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Crazay1342d ago


This was a rather unexpected coup by Fox. Are they even allowed to do this?

aDDicteD1342d ago

Well the article stated that both studios complicatedly hold the rights for that character. I wonder if they just included him after knowing that marvel has plans to bring him on the avengers 2.

DarkBlood1342d ago

Im not even sure whats going on here? lol

Crazay1342d ago

I don't think anyone has a single clue as to what's going on here...

aDDicteD1342d ago

I wonder how marvel studio's as well as Joss Whedon's reaction to this news. Or maybe both are secretly planning something huge :p

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