Video inside Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 New Trailer - YouTube

Another new trailer has been released and i must say.. I am pretty excited about this.
Kevin Tanch (director) has confirmed after the second season they will beging to
work on the new Mortal Kombat Movie... Also Confirmed That Michael J. White
Will Return as Jax (with the Robot Arms). Still No Information For When The
Season Will Premiere, But I Must Say It's Starting To Look Alot Better
Than Season One From The Images, Trailers I've Been Seeing.
And Once Again This Season Will Be "Uncut"

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Sandmano1884d ago

Looks great although I think Scott Adkins should play Kano.

aDDicteD1884d ago

ill definitely watch again all those webisodes but i really want it to be made as a full length film. i didnt like raiden with a mustache but its ok at least the original shang tsung is in it.

StarWarsFan1875d ago

I'd be game for a TV show based on this franchise.