Poltergeist Reboot Details – It’s a Sequel

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Well, at least we can’t waggle the finger at Gil Kenan for not ‘trying’ with his “Poltergeist” remake – seems, for better or worse, he’s mostly trying to do something different with his update of the 1982 classic.
The “Monster House” director seems to have gone for the ‘completely new story and characters, but same title’ approach – a’la “Evil Dead” (and it worked out OK), as story specs obtained by Bloody Disgusting suggest.

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Crazay1885d ago

I have some incredibly fond memories of Poltergeist 1 and 2. The original made people afraid to leave a station on the static channel. even creeped my friends and I out to no end but we still tried listening for a voice on those static channels.

I say bring it on and where possible, toss in some of the original cast members...sadly Carol-Ann won't be able to make one but the little girl's legacy lives on.

Hergula1884d ago

That is understandable, yet surprising nonetheless.

StarWarsFan1876d ago

Very cool. I like sequels. Reboots get too excited about rewriting everything.