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Sylvester Stallone Seeking 'Young Sigourney Weaver' For Expendables 3


If you follow Sylvester Stallone on Twitter, you notice one recurring theme to his tweets: Expendables 3. Sly knows where his bread is currently buttered and so has been tantalizing fans with little updates like "Calling SEAGAL." And while Steven Seagal is a no-brainer addition to the next Expendables adventure, the tweet below has us much more intrigued.

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aDDicteD1879d ago

there is no such thing as young sigourney weaver, just like is there any young ash(evil dead) out there? some characters are almost un replaceable and sigourney weavers status would be hard to imitate. probably just cast the real sigourney weaver, that would play better than a young copycat.

StarWarsFan1871d ago

I want to see a kick-ass story to go along with the kick-ass casting choices. I have yet to see it from this franchise.