Michael B. Jordan On His Fantastic Four Human Torch Casting

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Fruitvale Station - Ryan Coogler's moving tale of the tragic shooting of Oscar Grant in the Bay Area in 2009 - has been one of the hits of the Cannes Film Festival thus far, with Michael B. Jordan's lead turn a particular standout.

We spoke to Jordan - so good in both The Wire and Chronicle, of course - and his Fruitvale Station co-star Melonie Diaz for an upcoming videblogisode, and they were on great form. You'll see the full interview on Friday. But we couldn't resist asking Mr. Jordan about the strong rumours that he's about to reteam with his Chronicle director, Josh Trank, on Fox's reboot of The Fantastic Four, where he would play Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch.

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Crazay1825d ago

Still not fully behind this potential casting. Nothing against him, I thought he was awesome in Chronicle. I'm just not feeling it.

Simon_Brezhnev1824d ago

Yeah i know you not being racist. I mean look at Iron Man 3 bad thing about that is they did a lot of shooting in china and not even have him Chinese.

aDDicteD1823d ago

Plus the whole mandarin twist which was a bit of a letdown.

Hergula1824d ago

I get your point, altough I´m willing to give him a chance.

aDDicteD1824d ago

he is a good actor but i simply dont like the move they did. very inaccurate.

Crazay1824d ago

about time... no one ever agrees with me when i make comments about this sort of thing

aDDicteD1824d ago

I would really like that they follow the comics so that it wont raise any criticism cause things like this will always have mixed reactions plus they would probably make changes on Susan storm's character as well.

Crazay1824d ago

for sure dude. It's not a racist thing...It's about staying true to the source material. Tertiary characters like Perry White in Man of Steel is nothing but main characters can seriously change up the dynamic. I hate that new version of Spider-man.

Hergula1824d ago

Why do you have the new version of Spider-Man?

MilkMan1824d ago

I don't think this is a bad thing at all. We need more ethnicity in movies. I mean Denzel, Morgan, Larry, Jamie and Don are not the only minority actors in the guild. Think about that. These actors will literally die working cause Hollywood cant cast other African-american actors.

Here's food for thought, wheres the next Chinese action star, Jet-Li? Maybe, but its been how many years since Bruce Lee and we haven't cast Chinese actors in any leading roles and Chow Yun-Fat doesn't count.

We live in a very diverse planet with more color and races than anglo saxon.

The comics were written for a certain time and period, this is the year 2013 and skin color should change the fundamentals of a comic book character.

What I'm saying is, I want to see more actors, regardless of sex and color. I just want good acting.

StarWarsFan1815d ago

I don't see him as this character. I just don't see it as a perfect fit.