Jurassic Park 4 May Be A "Big Reboot" According To Original Star Sam Neill

Sam Neill, who starred as Dr. Alan Grant in the first and third Jurassic Park films, briefly comments on the recently delayed fourth installment. He says that he'll unlikely return, partly because he thinks it will be more of a reboot.

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Sandmano1888d ago

I hope Sam Neill is in it.

ironfist921887d ago

Dude's getting old.

Im kinda hoping they get the original kids back on board though, that'd be cool.

and is Jeff Goldblum doing anything these days?

Sandmano1887d ago

It cant truly be a Jurassic Park Movie without Same Neil.

aDDicteD1884d ago

i also think it would be a reboot or remake showing the park running successful with multiple dinosaurs, an island constructed with theme parks,a lot of visitors and investors, probably in a perspective of operation genesis game. and then all hell breaks loose at some point.