Collider's Bates Motel Season Finale Review: “Midnight”

Bates Motel gave us an interesting and necessary finale to a great season of a (surprisingly?) great show. Though Bates has unfortunately been largely forgotten by most people in the deluge of great TV on at the moment, it’s uncrowded Monday night spot at least gave it the ratings to thankfully warrant a second season. The show has been a surprise and delight in the way it has woven its story in an open, intricate and twisty way, along with the quality of its cast (particularly, of course, Vera Farmiga), as well as its ability to create some compelling new characters (Dylan and Emma) as well as fascinating new situations (the secrets of White Pine Bay). Bates Motel has always had hints that will lead up to the film on which it was based, but it saved the biggest nod until the last scene in this finale, and rightfully so. Hit the jump for why “not in my town, you piece of shit!”

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alycakes1853d ago

Wow! That was some ending. I can't believe it. Great finale.