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Potential Villain Reveal for Guardians of the Galaxy and a Tidbit on The Amazing Spider-Man 2


SPOILER WARNING: The below scoop, while still a "rumor," contains potential spoilers for both GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. By reading the below information you have given up your right to bitch and moan about spoilers. The gavel has been rapped.

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Crazay1888d ago

I certainly hope the Rhino has a suit to put on, otherwise what the hell would be the point?

Hergula1888d ago

I doubt he will have a suit, I think that he will use a serum seen in some previous leaked pictures. He will definitely become "The Rhino".

Crazay1888d ago

well that's ok too. He just needs to have some resemblance of being a Rhino.

aDDicteD1887d ago

yup it is quite pointless to see him not to have that rhino suit so for sure he will have one on this film and i hope it looks good.

aDDicteD1887d ago

Good thing that the rhino is confirmed to transform in this film hopefully after they release that version of him we get to see a trailer on this film.