Greatest Summer Blockbusters of the Past Five Years

Clickonline writes "There’s an intangible quality to the behemoths that lumber into cinemas each and every summer. Be it their scope, impact, spectacle or mastodonic marketing campaign, the blockbuster is easily differentiated from its subtler cinematic brethren. Typically by the explosions... "

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Ares84HU1830d ago

Are these people serious??? They calling FastFive a good movie?? That was the total garbage. Also they are calling Fast6 a good movie as well?? Look at the trailer, the word "ridiculous" doesn't even begin to describe it. Also, Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Hunter a good movie???

And their bad movies are The Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 2???

They are calling a lot of good movies bad and a lot of bad movies good. I haven't ever seen a more fucked up view on movies ever before.

But I guess everyone has their own likes.... but theirs is a complete opposite of mine.

Hergula1830d ago

I agree with your point of view, as yours is more "factual" than the actual list. There is still a "science" to breaking down movies, and creating valid lists and opinion pieces. The article above fails at each end and hardly explains the reasons behind categorizing a movie as Good or Bad.

KingPin1830d ago

by looking at this guys choices in movies, all i can say is that he has low expectations and bad taste in movies. he doesn't like thought-provoking movies or any movies that require the use of the brain.

saying kick-ass was better than inception is a joke. im not saying kick-ass was a bad movie, i enjoyed the hell out of it and looking forward to the sequel but its those movies you could watch without thinking. inception on the other hand was brain-tingling.

he prefers pop-corn flick nonsense. but thats his choice. personally i wouldn't be surprised if he enjoys uwe boll movies.