Watch the New Trailer for The Wolverine!

Following two new posters yesterday, 20th Century Fox has now revealed the new trailer for The Wolverine which you can watch using the player below!

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Sandmano1646d ago

That was epic! Cant wait now.

ltachiUchiha1645d ago

I agree this will be awesome mate.

aDDicteD1646d ago

I dont know what too say about this trailer and after seeing the silver samurai being that big like a robot.

ironfist921645d ago

I thought it was a robot.

DarkBlood1646d ago

was that a nuke bomb wolverine had to protect that jap guy from?

ironfist921645d ago

Nagasaki or Hiroshima bomb I'm guessing. Radiation and whatnot.

ltachiUchiha1645d ago

Awesome, this will be awesome.

ironfist921645d ago

Hugh Jackman still going strong with Wolverine after all these years.

KingPin1645d ago

seems to be his fall back movies to earn him some cash much like Fast and furious movies are for paul walker and vin diesel.

Sandmano1645d ago

This is the second movie how is it like the Fast and the furious? that is going on 6 now.

coolbeans1645d ago

I think King's including all the X-Men he's in.

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