Ghostbusters 3 Plot Details Revealed: Four New Ghostbusters

In a new interview on Larry King Now, Dan Aykroyd has revealed some of the plot details for Ghostbusters 3. And while every other month seems to bring a new rumor over if Bill Murray will participate, Dan Aykroyd said Murray is not currently part of the movie.

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Sandmano1883d ago

Hope the new movie does this classic franchise justice.

Hergula1883d ago

Same here, yet I doubt that.

ironfist921882d ago

Has anyone played the Video game?

That was practically Ghostbusters 3.

Hergula1882d ago

You´re right, I completely forgot about that.

aDDicteD1881d ago

they can just reboot the film i think. i dont want 4 new ghostbusters, i want to the original four and just make a more sci fi movie partly scary because of the ghost and not as comedic as it was before i think a more serious tone can work better. another thing is that they can cast good actors to play the part of the ghostbusters like jeremy renner can play peter venkman, idris elba can play winston, i cant picture out who can play the remaining two for now but technically i can picture out a reboot working better than continue from the last one.