The Daily Rotation - Star Trek Into Darkness Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Director J.J. Abrams returns some four years later to deliver a sequel to his well-received Star Trek reboot, which managed to impress both fans of the series and newcomers like me. Star Trek was an exciting and fresh piece of sci-fi that managed to pay respect to the classic characters and stories, while also updating and creating new adventures. Abrams showed his talent as a big-budget director by giving us some dazzling special effected mixed with a story that was smart and full of new energy. Lens flares aside, Abrams knocked it out of the park and yet here we sit with a sequel that can really only be described as dumb. Star Trek Into Darkness is big summer blockbuster fun, but its mindless plot and unnecessary twists and secrets hold it back from becoming remotely as good as the last one."

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