Name Of Mark Wahlberg's Transformers 4 Character Revealed Via Casting Call

A Transformers 4 casting call for Austin, Texas has gone online, and it confirms the return of General Morshower as well as revealing the name of the lead character (played by Mark Wahlberg).

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Sandmano1618d ago

Don't think he a good choice for the movie.

Hergula1617d ago

SO wait what? Mark won´t be the main character? I´m a lil confused atm.

aDDicteD1615d ago

im not excited with this development. a human villain and probably no megatron what else is left for this series?

StarWarsFan1611d ago

I'm happy they decided to switch up the main characters. I still think they should have gone with a new director though just to keep things fresh.