'Red 3' In The Works At Summit

THR: Red 2 isn’t being released until July 19, but the Lionsgate division has signed Jon and Erich Hoeber to write a third installment of the action franchise.

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RetrospectRealm1890d ago

I guess they have a good feeling about Red 2...

ironfist921888d ago

I think its about time Bruce Willis retired, about 2-3 movies ago...

Hergula1888d ago

Agreed, he is currently acting in sub-par movies that are closed to passing the line of being completely pathetic. I like WIllis, but his movie choices these days are like Nic Cage´s, and as far as I know, Bruce Willis has no monetary issues, Nic Cage at least has that.

StarWarsFan1882d ago

I was surprised by how good the first movie was and I'm surprised by how fresh and cool the second one looks in the trailer, so I'm game.