Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Continues His Campaign To Play Luke Cage

CBM: As we know, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige recently stated that he'd love to have Johnson come aboard the MCU. Now the former WWE champ has acknowledged this on Twitter, and of course has a very specific character in mind that he'd like to play...

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RetrospectRealm1378d ago

I'd like either him or Terry Crews to play Cage. Either one is fine with me.

Hergula1376d ago

Terry Crew could actually do a great job, yet I would like the idea of Dwayne playing Luke Cage as well.

aDDicteD1375d ago

Well he is one of the top picks to play that role in my opinion. There's a big chance that he might get it.

StarWarsFan1370d ago

Yeah, I think he would really fit in the role.