TVF Supernatural Season Finale Review: Angels & Demons

After eight years and 172 episodes, Supernatural still knows exactly how to deliver a fantastic finale.

"Sacrifice" provided a gripping hour filled with laughs, heart, emotion, twists and a game-changing final moment that was as shocking as it was visually cool.

Even if there were problems throughout the season, aspects that might have felt at times contrived and episodes that weren't so stellar, all my gripes were blown right out the window while watching this episode. It felt like everyone - actors, writer, director, effects, and everything in between - brought their A-game to not only prove the series still has plenty of gas left in the Impala's tank, but the show still has so much more to give.

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alycakes1863d ago

So awesome and so confusing at the same time. I wish it would come back sooner than it does so we could find out what will happen next.