See How the ‘Iron Man 3′ Mansion Attack Was Created Long Before Filming Began

/Film: Federico D’Alessandro has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He’s the Head Storyboard Artist/Animatics Supervisor at Marvel Studios, meaning he gets to conceptualize all your favorite Marvel Movies from the earliest point in the process. (You might also remember him from this Halloween pitch reel.)

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RetrospectRealm1887d ago

They should make an Iron Man cartoon in this style. Looks awesome.

monkeyfox1886d ago

amazing - even more coherent than the film sequence eventually turned out to be. This guy did really well with this...

ironfist921885d ago

Its the exact same as the film.

Hergula1884d ago

Looks awesome, that made me want to watch the movie...again.

StarWarsFan1878d ago

Loving it! This is what online comics should look like from Marvel.

aDDicteD1877d ago

Very nice video plus there are some new details and dialogues in this scene and they should added that one on the final cut.