Cannes: Weinstein Co. Beginning Production On 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' Sequel

Deadline’s Mike Fleming reported several months back that The Weinstein Company was setting a production start in Asia on a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Here’s the official release that just dropped confirming Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger II — The Green Destiny and that Yuen Wo Ping, the legendary fight choreographer responsible from the high-wire action work in the original pic, will direct this one. He and sequel writer John Fusco worked together on The Forbidden Kingdom.

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alycakes1889d ago

I loved the first one and I know I would enjoy a sequel. The story was just so good and you just got caught up in it and the characters.

aDDicteD1887d ago

at first i was like how are they going to make a sequel when two of the main stars namely zhang ziyi and chow yun fat were dead in the end of the film but when i read the article that they still have michelle yeoh and also stars donnie yen well i know whatever plot left might be good. donnie yen can hold a film on his shoulder.

StarWarsFan1880d ago

I don't understand why it's taken this long for a sequel. I think it may be too late to rekindle the same amount of magic.