'Planes' Trailer

THR: First full length trailer for Disney's animation featuring voices by Dane Cook, Val Kilmer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Brad, Garrett, Teri Hatcher and John Cleese. The plane racing movie is set to hit theaters on August 9, 2013.

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Yi-Long1892d ago

... as far as environments and such is concerned.

However, it also looks like the only reason this is being made is because they want to shove more overpriced toys up our nose, instead of telling an entertaining good story.

I'm guessing this will just be a 90 minute marketing ploy.

I'm HOPING Pixar will prove me wrong, and that this will end up being a great movie.

alycakes1892d ago

There aren' too many of these that I will go see and this won't b one be one of them.

WeAreLegion1892d ago

No dialogue? There's probably a reason for that.

NovusTerminus1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Planes... Featuring Dane Cook... There is no way I would ever watch this movie. Though John Cleese is a plus... But not enough of one to make me watch the movie.

aDDicteD1891d ago

the trailer is better than the previous trailer, it shows that this film might be as good as cars, before i doubt it but the trailer looks confirming, im not a dane cook fan and that might be my biggest doubt if the movie will be good, because he does not have a strong movie yet. i think the film will enjoyable and watchable the first time around.

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