Mickey Rourke Will Be Back For Expendables 3; Jackie Chan & Antonio Banderas On Board Too?

Although he was arguably the best thing in Expendables, Rourke declined to return for the sequel. But now Sly Stallone has taken to Twitter and confirmed that the Iron Man 2 actor will return, as well as updating on another few cast additions..

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Sandmano1443d ago

I would be surprised if they got Jackie chan. Would actually bother to watch in the cinema then.

OhReginald1442d ago

I agree. If jackie chan is in it i will consider seeing it in theaters.

RetrospectRealm1443d ago

I love Rourke. He's such a badass.

Sandmano1442d ago

He was great in the wrestler

ironfist921442d ago

Needs moar Michael Jai White

Agent_hitman1442d ago

I heard that Steven Seagal is on board too..

Sandmano1442d ago

Lol never liked Steven segal but I see him as a good addition to this movie.

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