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Nerdluster: At the end of Iron Man 3 you get a preview of the unsettling things that Marvel, Disney and Paramount have planned for this genre. Three gigantic companies have come together to make a money machine and all they managed to do is throw everything they've got at the problem. In The Avengers Tony Stark was the hero of heroes. In Iron Man 3 Shane Black, Jon Favreau and company managed to devalue The Mechanic placing him firmly at the bottom of the superhero hierarchy. Don't stick around after the credits either, something's there and it's less worthwhile than five beefheads scarfing shawarma.

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aDDicteD1890d ago

i think RDJ will surely be the top billed star again on the avengers 2. i liked iron man 3 but it was not my favorite marvel movie it just seats in the middle being better than iron man 2. there are a lot of unsettling issues on the avengers but those issues makes more hype and i think it will work finely in time.