IGN: Fast And Furious 6 Review

→ MAY 14, 2013 The posters for Fast & Furious 6 declared that "all roads lead to this," but they also lead home in this latest entry in the series (and the last from series veteran director Justin Lin -- for now anyway).

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Sandmano1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Seems like its worth a watch

Hergula1411d ago

I will watch it as soon as possible, but I can´t wait to see it.

Sandmano1411d ago

I still need to watch fast 4 I skipped it for some reason lol

ironfist921410d ago

Its a forgettable film in the franchise.

aDDicteD1401d ago

only the 1st and 5th films were significant all of the middle films are just like fillers on how the team got assembled.

aDDicteD1401d ago

ill probably watch this on its third week, i know opening week would be fully packed in theaters. i hope its as good as fast five.