Yet Another The Wolverine Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Director James Mangold’s latest tweet has revealed yet another production photo from The Wolverine featuring stars Hugh Jackman and Hiro Sanada “rehearse clash of claws and blades.” Check it out!

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Hergula1861d ago

Hugh is huges, yet he should be even bigger, would be more fitting as The Wolverine.

Sandmano1861d ago

Well I've always seen Wolverine as being short and bulky or wide no tall but I still think it would have been cool if they got a big Japanese guy.

aDDicteD1861d ago

yup, they should have gone to a more taller guy so that the height difference would not be so obvious.

Simon_Brezhnev1861d ago

They changed wolverine so much. He use to be like you said short, bulky, and really hot tempered. Now he is smart and tall.

aDDicteD1860d ago

Going against a pissed off wolverine that is more taller and bigger than you. yup good luck with that samurai ^_^