'Iron Man 3' Writer Drew Pearce to Pen Next 'Mission: Impossible'

THR: Tom Cruise will star in and produce "Mi5" and is expected to shoot the movie in the fall after filming Warner Bros.' "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

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Hergula1414d ago

I have nothing against that, hopefully he will be able to get Mission Impossible back on track

coolbeans1414d ago

I still haven't seen Ghost Protocol. Was it bad?

Deadpool6161414d ago

I thought Ghost Protocol was good. I thought Brad Bird did an excellent job directing the movie.

Hergula1413d ago

I thought that it was pretty good, as it had a new take on the series, but I felt like there were many changes that took away the feeling the first few films had. Altough I might also just be too critical.

coolbeans1413d ago

Thanks to both of you below my reply for responding. Maybe I'll get around to seeing it soon.

Hergula1413d ago

No problem, glad that I could help ;)

Root1413d ago

The guy who helped ruin the mandarin in iron man thanks