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Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie And Scarlett Johansson Pick-Up Captain America 2 Filming In D.C.

CBM: Photos and videos have surfaced from today’s filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Washington, D.C., with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie working out before getting a lift from ScarJo!

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RetrospectRealm1890d ago

At least they keep filming under wraps better than TASM 2...

Hergula1890d ago

I think it´s too early to tell, yet I hope your right.

aDDicteD1890d ago

yup, well it is because a lot of fans really like to see some rhino and electro updates. on this one expect to see more when there's a set for the winter soldier.

RetrospectRealm1890d ago

I doubt we'll get 60 new photos a day of CA though.