The Teaser Trailer for Rio 2 Has Arrived

In "Rio 2" Blu, Jade and their three children live a perfect life at home in the magical city wonderful. When Jade decides that their children need to learn to live like birds of fact, it takes the whole family on an adventure through the Amazon. While Blu tries to adapt to the new neighbors, he worries about losing Jade and children to the wild.

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Sandmano1889d ago

I enjoyed the first one.

ironfist921887d ago

Rio has kids? Ugh...are they doing an Ice Age again?

aDDicteD1885d ago

rio was good and entertaining in a moderate level, i would anticipate the this second installment will be more in the kids level like cars 2 & ice age 2 wherein the first film has a fine setting while the next installments are forced adventures.