Check Out the First Still From the TV Special Toy Story of Terror


First announced last fall, Disney•Pixar's Toy Story characters are set to return for a new adventure, albeit on the small screen this time around. "Toy Story of Terror" will air as a television special this October and now we've got a first look at the project along with a new description that reads as follows:

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Sandmano1836d ago

Can't wait for this I love toy story, who doesn't!!?

ironfist921835d ago

Woo. Run that franchise into the ground Pixar.

RetrospectRealm1835d ago

Toy Story can't die... it just can't. It has to go on. I'd prefer if Pixar just kept making the small shorts forever, but a quick TV special isn't bad. You're acting like they just announced another trilogy.

ironfist921835d ago

I'm acting like they're disrespecting the perfect ending Toy Story 3 had, by releasing these unnecessary stories for the sake of raking in the cash.

RetrospectRealm1835d ago

But it can't die... people love them. Toy Story 3's ending was about them finding another kid to love them and that they'll always be happy now. All the shorts do is show that they're having a good time.

R3DRAIN891835d ago

I would like to see a movie about the the toys adventures going on with bonnie.

aDDicteD1832d ago

i dont mind watching the toy story gang doing a halloween special, it will not take anything away from the original trilogy.

StarWarsFan1827d ago

Who else thinks they'll bring everyone back for Toy Story 4 one day?