World War Z Author Says Movie and Novel Share Title Only

Huffington Post

The upcoming release of World War Z starring Brad Pitt is creating a lot of publicity for its massive budget and the fact that it bears no resemblance to the bestselling novel. The one person least surprised is the book's author, Max Brooks.

Brooks said his novel about a world nearly destroyed by a zombie pandemic, shares the same title as the movie "and that's it."

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Crazay1861d ago


No seriously the moment I started to hear about the story line, I knew they blew the story away. It's unfortunate but not terribly surprising given the format of the novel. It would have been best displayed as a TV series since the book is comprised of various short stories recounting survival.

RetrospectRealm1861d ago

That's somewhat disappointing...

Crazay1861d ago

Yep. You ain't wrong about that dude. I was pretty hopeful it might be something awesome but these zombies run...and that's just not OK

RetrospectRealm1861d ago

Yeah, I'm a little worried now...

cr33ping_death1860d ago

Run? More like sprint through a marathon all the way... I never been a fan of zombies on P.E.D's lol

thorstein1860d ago

Well, I hope it is a stellar zombie flick. I won't expect it to be like the book.

CanadianTurtle1860d ago

After watching the walking dead, I feel like everything else related to zombies will be pale in comparison

darren_poolies1860d ago

Really? The Walking Dead isn't that great.

CanadianTurtle1860d ago

Well, maybe not on it's own. But compared to anything else "zombie related," I'd say the Walking Dead is the best zombie fiction out there. (Tv show, not comic)

wishingW3L1860d ago

Walking Dead went down the crapper with season 3. 28 Days/Weeks Later to me is the best zombie related anything.

dennett3161859d ago

Night, Dawn and Day of the Dead for me. Then Shaun of the Dead.

Hergula1860d ago

Well....okay, So it wont be an adaptation?...

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The story is too old to be commented.