Latest X-Men Days Of Future Past Production Tweet Reveals Beast And Wolverine

Here's the latest Production Tweet from X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer which reveals Beast (Hoult) and Wolverine (Jackman). Don't be ashamed if you had to do a double take to figure whether that was Hoult or Shawn Ashmore. And speaking of Beast, didn't we leave him slightly more blue in X-Men: First Class?

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Sandmano1894d ago

Cant wait for this loved the first one.

Hergula1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I can´t believe that Hugh Jackamn is so invested in Wolverine, great to see that.

Sandmano1894d ago

I dont get why alot of people hated part 1. I thought it was great!

Hergula1893d ago

I enjoyed it myself as well.

Deadpool6161893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

There's a few nitpick I have with the X-Men movies. Wolverine's screen time is one of them. Sure we all love the character, but the focus is on him 80% of all the movies. There's hardly time to build the other characters that make the X-Men, or introduce new characters properly into the team. (Gambit/Jubilee/Colossus/Angel )

We all knew Wolverine was eventually going to get his own standalone series of movies to explain his origins. I just wish it was all done properly.

Wolverine is actually my second favorite X-Man next to Nightcrawler. It really disappointed me to learn Nightcrawler was casted aside in a video game tie-in that many people didn't care about. The excuse of there being too many blue mutants was a stupid reason to get rid of him as well.

Excluding X-Men 3, the movies are quite fun and entertaining.

Hergula1893d ago

I can definitely understand your point, and I agree as well. The X-Men films are all about Wolverine, as he is the center of attention, something that I am fine with, but like you say, it does take away from the other characters development as many are barely introduced.

aDDicteD1890d ago

the picture looks good but i know hank mccoy was be a beast at the end of first class so the picture i suppose is an earlier event. this film is shaping up to be very interesting and i hope they do it in 2 parts with one of the best cliffhangers in film when they introduce the sentinels at the end of first film to fight off with the x men. but then again that was only my fan boy expectations for this project. lol

StarWarsFan1888d ago

Hard to believe the second Wolverine movie hasn't come out yet, but Hugh Jackman is already reprising the role for the next X-Men movie.