The Amazing Spiderman 2 Set: Spiderman Costume Glitch And Rhino Underwear

FG: Andrew Garfield and Paul Giamatii on the set of the Amazing Spiderman 2. Andrew Garfield calls a timeout because the shoe in his costume broke and the black piece at the bottom were coming off. Paul Giamatti strips down to his Rhino underwear on set.

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Hergula1894d ago

Haha, what seems weird? Spidey is mocking, acting cocky, brash and seemingly arrogant, something our friendly neighbourhood spidey is known for. Love those pics.

RetrospectRealm1894d ago

Yeah, I guess your right. I forgot he was suppose to act this way.

aDDicteD1892d ago

Well said. The first movie featured some of those like in the car thief scene and those scene's truly stand out as classic spiderman. i like that their doing the same in this sequel and i hope there's more.

aDDicteD1892d ago

rhino wearing rhino underwear that's really funny. it would be more funnier if the rhino details on his boxer is much more seen because the color is to light to notice.

StarWarsFan1887d ago

Sometimes I thought Andrew Garfield came off a little too cocky in the first movie.