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Fox's 2013 Fall Schedule

Box Office Buz: Fox is lucky that it's in second place simply because ABC and NBC just haven't been doing too well lately, but the network is in need of a hit thanks to X Factor not being quite what they expected, and American Idol's ratings sinking lower and lower. Though the network found somewhat-successes in The Following and The Mindy Project this past year, they are in need of one or two more hits on the network's roster.

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aDDicteD1828d ago

among the list i think im going to see almost human because although it might be reminiscent of i robot but it could have a better storyline overall. im quite curious and worried about sleepy hollow tv remake because the one that starred johhny depp was really good and i dont think this one will surpass that level.

StarWarsFan1828d ago

I really want to see what they do with The Following.