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Spidey Does Some Heavy Lifting On The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set (Hi-Res)

CBM: It's gotta be tough being a superhero. First you gotta battle against a dim-witted Russian thug (Paul Giamatti) and then you have to rescue a bus full of passengers. Hit the jump to check out an collection of high-resolution images of today's shoot.

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RetrospectRealm1889d ago

We'll have seen the whole movie in set photos by the time this actually comes out.

aDDicteD1887d ago

Cant wait to see this scene on the film. I'm sure that spidey is just in time to save that little girl and that old man being hit by that bus.

StarWarsFan1882d ago

They need to stop posting these articles. Some of the pictures are the same thing from different angles.