Tom Cruise’s ‘All You Need Is Kill’ & ’300′ Sequel Release Dates Delayed

Deadline: Warner Bros has pushed the release date for the Tom Cruise-starrer All You Need Is Kill to June 6, 2014, from its original date of March 7, 2014, and 300: Rise Of An Empire will now take the March 7, 2014, spot.

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RetrospectRealm1896d ago

I can live with these delays. They can only make the films better.

ironfist921895d ago

Dont have much hopes for 300...2. Sounds like a cash in on Zack Snyder's film.

and All You need is Kill sounds like a bad japanese film title...or a good James Bond one.

R3DRAIN891894d ago

Cool,300 movie around my Bday time well go see than.

aDDicteD1894d ago

i was already excited on the 300 sequel. i hope the delay is worth it.

StarWarsFan1891d ago

Looks like All You Need Is Kill has gotten some more confidence behind it with that new solid release date.