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Man Of Steel "Soldier Of Steel" TV Spot Hits

CBM: You've seen some of the latest Man Of Steel movie footage from this spot featured in the making of vid below, but this first "Soldier Of Steel" tv commercial contains a few new/extended snippets. Check it out after the jump.

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RetrospectRealm1838d ago


Hergula1837d ago

I bet that it will be wicked awesome, yet I´m still unsure about it...

aDDicteD1837d ago

being unsure is an ok thing, it makes the movie twice as good when you're not expecting too much.

Hergula1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Chrisopher Nolan was able to do great things for The Dark Knight trilogy, yet watching these trailers makes me feel that we might be heading down the same path with the Man of Steel film series. While The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises were great films, they focused too heavily on the villains, instead of the main character at hand, who is Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Bruce Wayne was not depicted as one could have hoped for, yet he was still created in a good fashion. My worries with Man of Steel is that what if we get another 3 movie series, a trilogy, where the focus is on the wrong things and the superhero falls to the background, arguably what happened in TDKR(Rises). I just hope that the trailers are not fooling us into believing something completely different than what we are actually going to be receiving.

aDDicteD1837d ago

Some new scenes added there. very nice and I'd say This will be THE Superman movie that we are all waiting for! cant wait!

Hergula1837d ago

Ur right, I think that I´m just worrying too much and speculating. I can´t wait to see it though, it looks breathtakingly epic.

StarWarsFan1836d ago

The best casting was for General Zod.