The Great Gatsby Review | IGN

IGN: "Baz Lurhmann's The Great Gatsby is as visually kinetic as you'd think it would be and mostly gets it right."

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RetrospectRealm1898d ago

This is about what I expected from this. Even so, I still plan on seeing this in theaters soon.

Hergula1898d ago

Same here, I just can´t not watch a "Leo starring in" movie. DiCaprio is a phenomenal actor and he has not been apart of a bad movie in around 10 years. Truly a talent.

RetrospectRealm1898d ago

I don't understand. You can't watch his films, but he's truly a talent?

Hergula1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

"Can´t not watch" = Cannot, not watch. It is pretty much a double negative.

So what I mean is that I cannot, not watch them, meaning that I must watch them :D. I guess I couldve used different words to make it clearer though.

RetrospectRealm1898d ago

My mistake, I misread your comment.

Hergula1897d ago

No biggie, easy to miss as well, and honestly it is the first time in my life I have written anything using Can´t not.