J.J. Abrams Suggests 'Star Wars' Spin-Offs Depend On 'Episode VII' Success


In the months that followed the big announcement that there would be more "Star Wars" movies, every subsequent press release seemed to hint there would be lots and lots more "Star Wars" movies. There was the Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett spin-offs, plus talk of a "Seven Samurai" remake with Zack Snyder. Then Disney said that we can expect a movie every summer starting in 2015, all before a frame of the first movie, "Episode VII," has been shot. Things appeared to be moving at the speed of light.

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coolbeans1894d ago

If that's the case, then expect as many spin-offs as Disney wants.

aDDicteD1893d ago

i hope they make the seven samurai kind of film wit jedis in the near future. episode 7 will be successful no doubt.