Mark Ruffalo Gives Us An Update On A Solo Hulk Film


Via his Twitter account, Mark Ruffalo gives the fans an update on a future solo Hulk film, while the answer may or may not please some fans.

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Crazay1841d ago


I'd like to see another stand alone Hulk movie. Not that I didn't like the last one with Edward Norton. I thought it was pretty decent. The Ang Lee one was on a few weeks ago and I tried to watch it...WOW was a flaming dog turd was that movie?

Kingdom Come1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

I think the reason why Hulk's character was so astoundingly well portrayed in "Avengers" was somewhat due to the rarity of his appearances. Similar to how in "Ultimates" and "Ultimates 2", Hulk's sequences where incredibly memorable and anticipated. A full stand alone movie takes away some of the spectacle and unpredictability...

Simply put, you appreciate Hulk sequences more when they aren't frequent...

Baka-akaB1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Imo it's more than Hulk need a compelling foe for the big screen , and dont really have those .

His best looking foes are either "other hulks" , the army (been there done that) or just other Marvel superheroes .

Iron Man is fun enough to have seemlingly "lame" looking foes , wich are still beefed up a bit for movies , but hulk ? dunno .

The best kind of Hulk movie would be something like World War hulk , but its unlikely and sounds more like an Avengers potential sequel than a Hulk movie

aNDROiD17_1841d ago

a full stand alone movie with hulk?
you mean the incredible hulk. that was a stand alone movie and it was awesome!

Kingdom Come1841d ago

@ Baka-akaB
As a comic fan, I'd prefer Marvel to restrain from re-utilising too many comic book plots, especially with the genius of Joss at their disposal. I'd prefer the "Avengers" film's to be original tales.

@ aNDROiD17_
It was mediocre, I found the CGI to be unnatural, the fight scenes decent and the characterisations, writing and story quite bland...

1Victor1841d ago

@Baka-akaB don't forget before they do wwh they have to do planet hulk and latino review sources said that at the end of avengers 2 hulk goes berserk and they send send him to another planet if that happens I bet they'll put iron man in place of black volt as hulk say I want the avengers bring back to me or I'll do this (hulk holds iron man up all bloody by the neck)to your planet.

karim1840d ago

Agreed. There were so many memorable moments every time he makes an Mark Ruffalo was perfect for the role, don't think anyone could have pulled hulk better than him

Kingdom Come1840d ago

@ 1Victor

Joss Whedon has already shot down that rumour, it's false.

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ironfist921841d ago

Only if we see an appearance of HulkBuster vs Hulk

RetrospectRealm1841d ago

That would be BADASS. Hulk could become uncontrollable then Tony whips out the Hulkbuster which has no effect on him.

Hergula1840d ago

Awesome idea and I agree, that would be worth to see.

andrewer1841d ago


aNDROiD17_1841d ago

no edward norton? no hulk movie.
mark ruffalo was okay as the hulk but his own hulk movie?
it would fail so hard

coolbeans1840d ago

I disagree. He's a talented actor--but just needs to get rid of that belly I saw in The Avengers.

fastNslowww1841d ago

We do need THIS stand a lone Hulk as Mark and his image of hulk is unmatched so far going by the Avengers movie, the past attempts were a joke, expecially the edward norton version, he was so misplaced in such a universe.

Hopefully they can push a proper stand a lone one in the likes of Iron man and Spiderman, etc.

PsnGammer211840d ago

Not going lie in my honest opinion the iron man movies sucked ass( not including third one yet haven't seen it)

aNDROiD17_1835d ago

yea dont it sucks ass also. noo the first one was good, but thats it

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