TV Fanatic Grimm Review: Obsessed

I can see what "Kiss the Muse" might have been trying to pull off with Nick and Juliette, but when the two of them have been locked in a near endless relationship of boredom throughout Grimm season 2 …I would have liked a little passion to break him out of it.

Not a staring contest.

It can probably be spun that Nick and Juliette’s love is deep and strong enough to not warrant any need for passion to break a curse, but Nick and Juliette are also trying to find their way back to each other.

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alycakes1868d ago

I have to should have had more passion. Next week is the finale so we'll see what happens then. I am happy that things are working out with Nick and Juliet though so the other problems can come back to the surface and be dealt with.