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Independent Cinema - Room 237 Review

Independent Cinema writes: For years, people have been going through their favorite films and trying to understand the logic behind them. What makes this character tick? Does this plot twist fit in with the rest of the film? The culture of breaking down the myth in our favorite media has been around since we witnessed our first movie and listened to the song that we couldn’t get out of our head. Room 237 brings us the ultimate thesis statement of the obsessions that we grow for the movies that inspire or mystify us. From the guilt of having faked the footage of the moon landing to the idea that the film deals with the holocaust, various subtexts (with varying degrees of ridiculousness) are exposed by five individuals whom who do not see throughout the picture. All we are left to see are the visuals of Kubrick’s work and other re-enactments. This is what we are given as viewers with no predisposed ideas on the type of people whose opinions we are listening to. For a film that seems to focus on the little things, it’s interesting to notice that we don’t have much to think about aside from the film. The people we hear are never exposed to us and we listen to their voices and while we may want to see who they are as actual people, Ascher shows great responsibility in only bringing the footage from The Shining and having narration of the people. Photos of map layouts of the Overlook hotel are on display to suggest certain theories and little red circles to outline certain things from frames of the movie. Then again, this may just be the sign of a great yet uneven documentary.

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